Hack journalism

This from the article linked above:
“A closer look, however, reveals that he’s been providing pseudo-science bullets for the alt-right’s online infantry for some time (including such gems as how serotonin levels in lobsters might justify the gender pay gap).”
This kind of bone dry, implicitly biased journalism (if one could call it that) is what drew me to actually look into JBP. And it comes from a site that claims to be all about “free thinking.” But it exemplifies something more akin to “free association” at about a high school level: ‘e talked about the Nazi’s, therefore he condones and forgives them.’ Yup, great logic and no derisive intent there at all. The usual cherrypicked, unsubstantiated claim above is a good example of the propaganda on the left that continues to astonish me.
The rest of the article continues with the same sort of high school level name calling consciousness. Pethetic.